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You’ve read that Testosterone Replacement Therapy can improve your muscle growth, bone density, sex drive (libido), and overall sense of well-being. You’ve watched numerous videos about it, but you always end up with two questions: are testosterone injections really effective and is testosterone therapy truly safe?

The first thing you need to know is that this a heavily researched and science-backed medical treatment that only licensed medical professionals, such as our team at Fountain of You MD in Virginia Beach, can prescribe. TRT is a generally safe therapy that is prescribed by a medical doctor who supervises your Testosterone Therapy Treatment—which you can conveniently and safely execute at home.

The Four Main Benefits of TRT Treatments

TRT treatments can dramatically improve your well-being and everyday performance in every field of your life in four essential ways:

  • Muscle Growth and Increased Strength—By causing an increase in lean body mass that essentially represents muscle mass gains, TRT treatments increase muscle size and muscle strength while also boosting your overall endurance.
  • Healthy Weight Loss—Testosterone replacement therapy has been documented to cause significant weight loss by generating a significant reduction in stubborn body fat and helping to meaningfully alleviate the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, a frequent testosterone deficiency that men face as they age.
  • Perform Better—Testosterone Therapy Treatment can also help you to perform better in every aspect of your life, by increasing your physical and intellectual endurance. You’ll feel a stronger sexual drive and better sexual performance, and your physical strength and stamina will see an impressive boost.
  • Increased Mental Sharpness—TRT injections will have a very meaningful impact on your brain health and cognitive functions, keeping your mind sharper and reinvigorating your memory and focus, allowing you to perform better intellectually.

In a nutshell, age will naturally lower your testosterone levels, affecting your physical and intellectual abilities over time—but Testosterone Replacement Therapy can effectively counter the effects of aging by medically replacing the testosterone that aging makes you lose.

Sure, lifestyle factors, like chronic illness, alcohol use, stress, trauma, and obesity can also contribute to low testosterone levels, but they will keep decreasing from age 25 onwards—except if you have a medical team such as ours at Fountain of YouMD in Virginia Beach helping you with TRT treatments to prevent this from significantly disrupting your life.

How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy at Home Work?

If you’re struggling with the effects of aging, we take your concerns very seriously. In our Hamptons Road clinic, we’re frequently visited by men who are seeking help but still have doubts. We tell all our patients what we are now repeating here: Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a medical treatment undertaken by our patients with our medical supervision.

In other words, Fountain of You, MD, TRT treatments are perfectly safe and are designed for our patients to conveniently carry out this treatment at home. So, how does it work?

  1. First, we confirm your low testosterone levels based on a thorough examination carried out by our licensed physician and hormone health expert, Dr. Jeffrey Arbuckle, and a quick blood test.
  2. The results from the lab work will help us determine where your levels are and where they should be, which will be taken into consideration along with Dr. Arbuckle’s observations.
  3. The concerns that lead you to seek Testosterone Replacement Therapy are also considered because each patient’s goals are different, which is why we never approach TRT treatments with a one-size-fits-all perspective.
  4. A personalized Testosterone Therapy Treatment plan is designed and initiated based on a comprehensive understanding of your situation and expectations.
  5. We incorporate telemedicine and virtual appointments into our treatment options to offer you a smoother patient experience and to require in-person involvement only when it’s strictly necessary. This is important for your convenience and for the efficiency of the treatment, which can perfectly be done at home.

It’s important to say that TRT treatments don’t create miracles. This is medicine, after all, which is why we also recommend several lifestyle changes that will put you in a position to seriously benefit from the high quality, time-released intramuscular injections of bioidentical hormones that are part of this treatment. After all, if you don’t eat well, don’t exercise, handle too much stress, and don’t rest, you won’t see all the beneficial effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

It’s also important to note that while you may read online that transdermal testosterone therapy is very helpful, we can’t say that our experience corroborates that belief. On the contrary, testosterone administered through the skin is not well absorbed by men, so that makes an expensive and fruitless experience we can’t recommend. That’s why we only use bioidentical hormone injections in our Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men.

Do you have any questions? Leave a comment, give us a call or send us an email. We’d be delighted to hear from you, continue the conversation, or schedule an appointment to see how we can help you benefit from this treatment.

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