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Generally speaking, hair loss is not life-threatening, it doesn’t compromise your physical or mental abilities, and it usually doesn’t hurt. Still, it’s something that can seriously affect your well-being and self-confidence, and it’s also very frustrating because, no matter what you do, it’s an unavoidable effect of aging.

While hair loss will likely affect you as part of your aging process, there’s a medical treatment to actually reverse hair loss and activate new hair growth: it’s called PRP for Hair Restoration and it can deliver truly amazing results.

Hair Loss: Why Does It Happen?

You probably never realized this, but, when you’re born, you have all the hair follicles you’ll ever have. As you age, many of these follicles weaken and stop producing hair, causing thinning, a receding hairline, and baldness. For some people this process can appear faster, with significant hair loss becoming apparent in the early 30s whereas for others this situation could present itself from age 50 onwards.

Whenever it happens, you’ll likely find it significantly unpleasant or even traumatizing. It will affect your self-esteem and it will make you spend a fortune on all kinds of shampoos, specialized cosmetics, vitamins, and supplements that promise miracles they can’t deliver.

PRP Hair Treatment: Leveraging the Work of Regenerative Cells

At Fountain of You MD, our patients in the Hampton Roads area have been thrilled with the hair growth results of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy.  

In a nutshell, PRP Injections use regenerative cells drawn from the patient’s own bloodstream to effectively grow hair. PRP is packed with essential nutrients and growth factors with each treatment prolonging the growing phase and stimulating your body to heal, repair, and develop more blood vessels and new hair growth.

The remarkable effects of regenerative cells administered through PRP Injections can activate new hair growth even when patients have a severe condition of alopecia or are dealing with telogen effluvium or anagen effluvium—two frequent hair shedding conditions.

Using PRP Hair Treatment to Reverse Hair Loss: The Sooner, The Better

It’s important to note that, as in all other medical conditions, the sooner you start treating hair loss, the better. In the case of PRP for Hair Restoration, it will be far more effective if the therapy is started during the early stages of hair loss before the follicles are permanently lost.

It’s equally important to say that while there are a variety of methods to nourish and support our follicles, early administered therapy and treatment compliance are key to achieving reverse hair loss results.

Where does the Platelet-Rich Plasma used in PRP Injections come from?

You are the source of your own PRP. When you begin treatment at our hormone therapy clinic in the Hampton Roads area, our highly skilled nurse will draw a healthy amount (60-120cc) of blood from you, which will then be spun two times at varying speeds in a specialized centrifuge. The PRP is then separated from the remaining blood product and loaded into sterile syringes. After an application of a topical numbing agent, the highly concentrated PRP is injected into areas affected by hair loss.

PRP for Hair Restoration: Smooth, Fast, and Effective

As the name suggests, PRP Injections are a non-surgical and non-invasive hair restoration procedure. This treatment requires no downtime, being a smooth and fast treatment that causes no pain. At Fountain of You MD, we usually recommend a series of three treatments every 4 weeks, then maintenance treatments every 4-6 months for optimum hair regrowth.

The bottom line is that PRP Hair Treatment is a reliable therapy that generally produces fast and effective results that become noticeable soon after you initiate the process. Still, since this therapy is also about fighting the aging process, results may vary, but we have seen time and again that compliance and continuance of treatment usually reward our patients with satisfactory results.

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