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Millions of men around the world suffer from low testosterone levels, with their symptoms often ignored or written off as natural signs of aging. If left untreated, low T symptoms can include fatigue, loss of sex drive (also known as low libido), sexual performance anxiety, weak erections, increased body fat (especially stubborn stomach fat), unexplained hair loss, testicular shrinkage, lack of energy, and difficulty sleeping. Hormone imbalance can cause low self-esteem. Low T levels can also put men at risk for cardiovascular health issues.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can restore, balance, and boost testosterone levels to improve the symptoms of low T. TRT treatment has incredible benefits that can help improve your entire life. Increased strength and endurance, improved sex drive and performance, boosted energy levels, lowered cholesterol levels, sharpened mental clarity, increased lean muscle mass, and improved overall health and well-being are just some of the ways testosterone replacement therapy can change lives.

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Getting started on a personalized testosterone replacement therapy treatment plan is easy! Simply contact us to schedule a telemedicine or telehealth appointment to discuss bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for hormone optimization. We’ll send an order for a lab test to confirm the diagnosis of low testosterone and to see where your testosterone levels are. Within one week of having your testosterone test, a consultation with Dr. Arbuckle will be scheduled. The testosterone specialist and Medical Director at Fountain of You MD will call you directly to discuss the TRT results. During the virtual testosterone appointment, your medical history, goals, and expectations will be discussed at length, all from the comfort of home!

Your personalized hormone treatment plan will be ordered and within one week, your testosterone medication and supplies will be delivered! All follow-up visits, medication, supplies, and future blood tests are included with each treatment plan, monthly or annual.

At Fountain of You MD, we prioritize patient care, satisfaction, and performance. We specialize in making online testosterone replacement therapy safe, convenient, and affordable. All patients of Dr. Arbuckle are encouraged to communicate any questions or concerns regarding their hormone treatment and are provided the physician’s direct contact number.

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