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Female low libido is a serious issue that increasingly affects women of all ages. While the pressures of modern life do have a psychological impact on the sexual desire that women experience, the truth is that, more often than not, the cause for low sex drive in women is aging-related hormone imbalance.

As women come close to the 50-year old mark, they start feeling the effects of menopause. Their production of estrogen and progesterone drops remarkably, potentially leading to hormone imbalance, and they start experiencing symptoms such as weight gain, exhaustion, mood changes, vaginal dryness, and the actual inability to orgasm.

At Fountain of You, MD, every week we are visited by amazing women who are committed to enjoying life, but who are dealing with the effects and frustration caused by this hormone imbalance. As much as they would want to go on enjoying their sexuality, they become dramatically acquainted with the symptoms of low sex drive in women and realize they need professional help to claim back control of every aspect of their lives.

That’s where female hormone replacement therapy steps in. Since this problem is rooted in hormone imbalance, we offer a hormone treatment that is designed to correct it.

The basics of the therapy are fairly easy to follow. We use safe and effective bioidentical progesterone—which is structurally identical to biological progesterone produced by the body—to replace the progesterone that the ovaries are no longer producing. Progesterone is responsible for producing many other hormones, including estrogen and testosterone, which is why an imbalance occurs when it stops being produced. By replacing this hormone, our treatment corrects this situation and its cascading effects, effectively replenishing hormone levels.

At the same time, since we take a holistic approach to the care we provide to our patients, we make sure we only use the best hormone replacement options available. After all, while there are synthetic progesterone options available on the market, these are known to have potentially serious side effects, such as breast cancer and heart disease. That’s why, at our clinic in Virginia Beach, we only provide our patients with the safest bioidentical progesterone.

Ultimately, by using female hormone replacement therapy, we effectively eliminate the causes and reasons for female low libido. This treatment equips your body with the right levels of progesterone that will boost your libido, naturally restore your sexual drive, and also improve your health, energy levels, and a general sense of well-being.

Many women in the Hampton Roads area have already tried this treatment at our clinic and the success rate reported by how this therapy improved their sex lives and general stamina motivates us to keep on helping women to live life to the fullest as if age didn’t matter.

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