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Erectile dysfunction also called physical impotence, is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse or orgasm. Often referred to as ED, erectile dysfunction is the most commonly reported sexual health condition for men in the United States. 

Low testosterone levels are often the main cause of erectile dysfunction. Other medical conditions, like diabetes, stress, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and obesity are also contributing factors for ED.  

Although erectile dysfunction is extremely common, many men feel too embarrassed to seek options for treating erectile dysfunction. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction are sometimes so severe that sexual intercourse is an impossible task. Sexual intimacy is an extremely important part of a healthy relationship or marriage. Erectile dysfunction can cause problems for men, but ED can also destroy their relationships. While it can be emasculating for some men, erectile dysfunction can sometimes cause anxiety for the other partner. ED can contribute to men feeling depressed, sad, angry, self-conscious, confused, in denial, or undesirable. 

Fortunately, at Fountain of You MD in Virginia Beach, offers noninvasive treatments that help ED. 

Testosterone replacement therapy is often the best treatment for men with erectile dysfunction. Restoring low testosterone levels can help improve sex drive and performance. 

Prescription oral medications, like Cialis or Viagra, are popular options for treating erectile dysfunction. These medications, called phosphodiesterase inhibitors, help increase blood flow to relax the muscles in the penis. 

Dr. Jeffrey Arbuckle is a low T expert and erectile dysfunction specialist at Fountain of You MD in Virginia Beach and can help reignite your relationship and sex life today. Dr. Arbuckle has treated thousands of men affected by erectile dysfunction in Hampton Roads. Call now to schedule an appointment to treat ED.

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