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As we get older, life (and our metabolism) seems to slow down, and the body begins to function less efficiently than it did in earlier years.

This slow down often results in unwanted weight gain.

At Fountain of You MD, we understand the frustration of trying traditional dieting programs. Often, many diet programs fail because they simply don’t help you lose weight the right way.

We understand that weight loss is not just about seeing the pounds reduced. It is about also seeing the lean body mass changes, controlling appetite, increasing energy, improving physical ability and stamina, and keeping the weight off in a healthy way.

Our medical weight loss programs are specially formulated to help patients lose weight, feel more energized, and regain their sense of vitality.

What is your weight worth to you?

Our Medical Weight Loss program has been successfully incorporated into the lives of many.

Anyone willing to make the commitment to themselves and the program will have success in both losing weight and maintaining their results.

All patients are provided with their own support team comprised of a medical practitioner and a highly proficient nurse who will guide and encourage you along the way.

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Safe & Effective Weight Loss Treatments​

Implementing these lifestyle plans can also greatly reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome – a specific group of risk factors that are known to enhance the likelihood of Coronary Artery Disease, stroke, and Type II Diabetes.​


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We use affordable and effective prescription weight loss medications in combination with human growth hormone releasing peptides.

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Your dose will be customized based on your goal. We have multiple formulas that have different proportions of Sermorelin®/Ipamorelin® and growth hormone releasing peptides. Each formula has a different effect and will be chosen to help you reach your individual goals. It is not a case of one size fits all. Your IGF-1 levels will determine how much you need if you are suffering from obesity. We will increase your levels slowly till your IGF-1 levels reach 250-300 ng/dl. The safest approach in medicine is to “go low and slow”.

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*Results will vary from person to person. While Fountain of You MD may share clinical statistics or clinical trial results, as well as optimal result levels, we can not guarantee that you will achieve the same results for identical treatments reported.

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