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As the coronavirus continues to spread, you may be looking for ways to strengthen your immune system and improve your health. While social distancing and frequent handwashing is still the best option, you can take steps to boost your immunity in case you are exposed. In addition to proper nutrition, peptide therapy may be the solution you need.

What are peptides?
One of the newest areas of study in immunology is peptides. Peptides are short chains of connected amino acids, which make up proteins. These chains of amino acids are used throughout your body to signal changes in your cells. They attach to receptors on the outside of cells and tell them what to do, such as produce hormones or heal damaged tissue.

They also play a role in your immune system, prompting immune cells to take action against intruders. Peptide therapy has been used and studied in boosting immune system function in cancer patients who are immuno-compromised. In fact, there are more than 60 FDA approved peptide medicines and 140 currently in clinical trials. Peptides as medicine are becoming more and more popular as they are proven safe and effective.

How does Peptide Therapy work?
Peptide therapy uses specific growth hormone secretagogues to stimulate your pituitary gland and regulate your immune system. These peptides are naturally found and produced in your lymph system and in your thymus, both of which are involved in fighting illnesses. You can take these peptides via injection, pills, creams or nasal sprays, depending on how the peptides work and what they are meant to do.

Our most commonly used peptides are Sermorelin, Ipamorelin, and CJC-1295. These growth hormones “boosters” are naturally found in the human body. Growth hormone has a profound effect on the immune system and function. Regular injections of peptides provide long-lasting boosts to immunity. Once the peptides are in your body, they prompt your immune system to fight foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria. If you are immunosuppressed, your immune system is weakened at all by illness or aging, peptide therapy may help get it back up to normal strength. It can also help people who have a normal immune function.

Peptide therapy has a profound effect on the immune system and function. Patients also report increases in lean body mass, decreases in fat mass, and anti-aging benefits.

If you are looking for more ways to protect yourself from coronavirus, influenza or other infectious diseases, peptide therapy may help you stay healthy. At Fountain of You, MD in Virginia Beach, we provide peptide therapy to fight the effects of aging and improve your immune system. Contact us at 757-644-4615 to schedule your appointment today.

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