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Sexual dysfunction leads to rocky relationships. For thousands upon thousands of couples, lack of romance and sexual dissatisfaction have attributed to needless complications which often lead to divorce. Even perfectly happy couples can find sexual desire lacking from time to time.

The sad fact is that too many couples blame their problems in the bedroom on each other’s minds and hearts when the issue is the result of hormone imbalance. One major contributor to lack of libido and inhibited sexual function in both sexes is Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.

For most people, elevations in Human Growth Hormone levels cause a noticeable difference and increase in sex drive. There have been several studies on growth hormone’s effects on libido.

The reason why healthy human growth hormone (HGH) levels are so intrinsically connected to a healthy libido is primarily the result of the impact of circulation and exercise capacity. In both sexes, the sex organs require unimpeded blood flow to support and sustain sexual desire and ability. Low HGH levels also inhibit the pleasure associated with sexual activity, making it more problematic to achieve orgasm, and causing the resulting physical satisfaction to be lackluster.

In females, HGH promotes lubrication, making the vagina ready for sex. Blood flow also makes the clitoris and the millions of nerves throughout the vagina significantly more sensitive, increasing the pleasure and increasing the likelihood of satisfaction. HGH Deficiency not only reduces the desire for sex and the pleasure associated with the romantic activity, but it also creates discomfort, inhibiting an enjoyable love life.

At Fountain of You MD, we specialize in returning your HGH levels to that of a 20-30 year old. Specific blood tests and monitoring can help guide our team in promoting HGH secretion in a safe and effective manner. Sermorelin & Ipamorelin Therapy can help you recover your libido and feel young again.

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