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“Sex is Emotion in Motion” – Mae West

A poll was published that stated 62% of women had sex on their lunch hour. Have you ever known a woman to give up lunch for sex? In our fast-paced lives, sex is sometimes put on the back burner. The importance of a sexual, healthy physical relationship is just as important as a strongly emotional one. Sexual enhancement products can return some of the sparks to a couple’s sex life.

Oxytocin has been widely used in medicine for many years to induce labor and to stop post-delivery bleeding, but it has recently been prescribed by some practitioners to enhance orgasms and improve female arousal. When human contact occurs, oxytocin levels rise. By supplementing those levels with oral or nasal oxytocin, the levels of this “love hormone” reach stratospheric levels and can enhance the sexual experience overall.

At Fountain of You MD, we offer several varieties of sexual enhancers. Most are extremely safe. Why not give it a try and add some variety to your sex life?

I remember the first time I had sex- I kept the receipt” Groucho Marx

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