Trimix for Erectile Dysfunction

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Human Growth Hormone Deficiency causes low libido in both sexes and is treatable with options available at Fountain of You MD Virginia Beach VA

Immediate Results For Erectile Dysfunction

Trimex for erectile dysfunction is a highly specialized ED treatment and by far the most effective treatment available.

Trimex is safe and suitable for most men suffering from erectile dysfunction, regardless of medical condition.

If you’ve tried oral medications to treat your erectile dysfunction, Trimex may be the right treatment for you!


How It Works

Treatment consists of a painless injection of a small amount of predetermined vasodilators is delivered via an auto-applicator into the spongy tissue of the penis.

The specific combination of vasodilators delivered causes dilation of the penile arteries and penile tissues that results in increased blood flow to the penis, which is stored in the erectile chambers.

Venous outflow is thus unblocked, and an erection occurs within minutes. The induced erection feels perfectly normal but may not go down immediately following ejaculation.

Intracavernous Injection Therapy is the most effective therapeutic option for different kinds of erectile dysfunction, including: premature ejaculation, lack of erection, performance anxiety, diabetes, surgical operations, sexual abstinence, and when Viagra or other ED medications are not effective.

If Trimex doesn’t work for you, we have several other options.

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At Fountain of You MD, we recommend Trimex for Erectile Dysfunction for patients who do not respond too or have suffered side effects from oral medications.

Because Trimex is well received by most patients, regardless of medical condition, and is a preferred method to treat erectile dysfunction due to its overwhelming success rate and minimal side effects.

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The Secret to Success


Injections are administered via an auto-applicator directly into the spongy tissue of the penis. Side effects are minimal, if at all.


Because treatment is so well received by patients, few ongoing treatments are necessary.


Our experienced physicians use multiple combinations of medications to determine the most effective dose for you. 


Erections happen just minutes after injection. The prescribed formula is tailored to allow the erection to last approximately 30-60 minutes, regardless of occurrence or state of mind.


Low-intensity shockwaves promote appropriate blood flow to the penis.


Rejuvenate penile tissue, stimulate growth of blood vessels in the penile region.


Hormone replacement treatment corrects hormonal imbalance.

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