Trimix for Erectile Dysfunction

Trimix for Erectile Dysfunction

Trimix is by far the most effective treatment available. It is safe and suitable for most men with Erectile Dysfunction, regardless of age or medical condition. It’s a highly specialized form of ED treatment.

Our experienced physicians use multiple combinations of medications to determine an effective dose. A painless injection of a small amount of a predetermined combination of vasodilators is delivered via an auto-applicator into the spongy tissue of the penis. The combination causes dilatation of the penile arteries and penile tissues, resulting in an increase in blood flow to the penis, which is then stored in the erectile chambers. Venous outflow is blocked, and an erection develops within a few minutes. This induced erection feels perfectly natural and normal with the exception that it will not go down after ejaculation. The prescribed formula is individually tailored to allow the erection to last approximately 30-60 minutes regardless of the occurrence of ejaculation or the state of mind.

Since Trimix is a localized form of treatment, the side-effects are minimal and local. Its overwhelming success rate, minimal side-effects, and ease of use have made Trimix a preferred choice for most patients who have access to this type of treatment. For patients who do not respond to, or suffer from the side-effects of the oral medications, Trimix is a welcome relief since it works well in most cases.

Trimix injections are a mixture of three drugs that provide an effective, low-cost treatment for men struggling with erectile dysfunction. It is an alternative treatment for men who cannot take, have not had good results with, or experience severe side effects from PDE5 Inhibitor tablets (Viagra®, Levitra®, Cialis®). Our penile injections are a medication that is very customized to the patient’s needs. Fountain of You MD will work together with the physician and patient to develop a formula that is most effective for the individual patient. Trimix injections offer a solution for ED that is:





More affordable than oral medications

Not affected by alcohol consumption

Trimix medication provides longer and fuller erections that can last even through climax, allowing you to maintain and improve your sexual health. An intracavernous injection is the most effective non-surgical treatment for ED, according to the American Urologic Association. Penile injections, unlike oral medications, trigger an automatic erection in less than 5 minutes.