Botox! Juvederm! What’s the Difference?!


Botox! Juvederm! What’s the Difference?!

By now you’ve probably either had or at least heard of Botox and Juvederm. But you may still be wondering what they actually do!

Botox treatment on women foreheadFacial injections, specifically neurotoxins or dermal fillers, are the most popular minimally invasive, non-surgical medical aesthetic procedures in the world. These injections deliver amazing results with little-to-no downtime. But there are vast differences between neurotoxins and dermal fillers.

Neurotoxins, like Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport, contain purified bacteria that freeze muscles. When small concentrations are injected, signals from the nerve cells are briefly prevented from reaching the muscles. Botox can help minimize and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of the face and neck. Botox injections weaken and paralyze facial muscles, which temporarily blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscle and prevents muscle movement that results in wrinkles. The untreated muscles still function like normal, which allows you to freely show facial expressions. Neurotoxins are not used for lines or wrinkles caused by collagen breakdown.

Women had Fillers on lipsDermal fillers, like Juvederm, Restylane, or Kysse, also treat wrinkles on the face. Fillers are used to add fullness to areas where volume has been lost. Although fillers were originally FDA approved to treat smile lines, we have seen amazing results in plump lips, cheeks and hands. In our aesthetic clinic in Virginia Beach, we use exclusively use Juvederm products to treat deep lines and wrinkles caused by aging, sun exposure, or genetic disposition. Juvederm is the umbrella name for a number of hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers, with each type designed to treat specific types of facial tissue. It creates volume by drawing water to the area, thus creating a filling effect.

The results from Botox injections are usually noticed in 3-10 days and generally last about 3-4 months. The effects of Juvederm are noticed immediately following the injections, with results typically lasting 6-18 months. How long Botox and Juvederm will last for you depends on the speed of your metabolism.

Women had a Lip Filler An expert at cosmetic injections, like Dr. Jeffrey Arbuckle or Kirstie Robinson, RN, will use Botox or Juvederm to inject and correct your areas of concern. The injection process itself takes just a few minutes and results are noticed quickly.

Facial injectables are the most requested non-surgical procedures in the aesthetic world for a reason. Dr. Jeffrey Arbuckle and Kirstie Robinson, RN are experts in facial aesthetics and use advanced injection techniques based on years of training with master injectors. A refreshed, more youthful appearance that enhances your natural facial features can be achieved during a quick lunch-time procedure in our Virginia Beach office.

Botox and Juvederm are different products with different results. Not sure which is best for you? Schedule your consultation now! Come see us and learn why Botox and Juvederm are the top treatments at Fountain of You MD in Virginia Beach!

HGH and Your Sex Life

Sexual dysfunction can wreak havoc on even the most solid relationships. For millions of couples (and some throuples), sexual dissatisfaction and lack of romance/sexual chemistry can lead to bigger issues, like separation or divorce. Even happy, healthy couples can struggle with fluctuating sexual desires (or lack thereof).

Many couples blame their problems in the bedroom on a multitude of (sometimes imaginary) scenarios. A simple test to check for hormone imbalance could save your marriage! Low libido and impaired sexual function for men and women can be attributed to human growth hormone insufficiency. Human growth hormone (HGH) is produced naturally in the body and stimulates cell reproduction and regeneration. Growth hormones help maintain the health of all human tissue, including the brain and sexual organs. When human growth hormone levels increase, most people experience a noticeable increase in their sex drive.

Scientists have been studying exactly how growth hormones effect libido. One of the ways healthy human growth hormone (HGH) levels affect a healthy libido is a circulation. The sexual organs of both women and men require unimpeded, healthy blood flow and circulation to support sexual desire and ability. For females, HGH promotes lubrication while good blood flow increases nerve sensitivity throughout the vagina and clitoris. More sensitivity means increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

HGH deficiency reduces the desire for sex and creates discontent within your relationship. Low HGH levels can negatively affect pleasure associated with sexual activity and make it more difficult to achieve orgasm.

Couples are happy after getting treated for imbalanced hormonesGrowth hormone replacement therapy (GHRT) can restore your HGH levels by stimulating the pituitary gland to naturally produce increased amounts of human growth hormone. Growth hormone replacement therapy can also help slow hormonal failure and regulate the immune system. There are over sixty FDA-approved peptide medications and another 140 in clinical trials. Medical use of peptides is proven to be safe and effective.

Growth hormone-releasing peptides (GHRP), like Ipamorelin/CJC-1295, are naturally occurring in the human body. These peptides are produced in the lymph system to fight against illnesses.

Fountain of You MD in Virginia Beach specializes in growth hormone replacement therapy and can help boost your HGH levels. Dr. Arbuckle is an expert at managing hormones and can help guide you in promoting HGH secretion.

Increasing your HGH levels can lead to a whole new you! If you’re ready to feel more youthful and energized, lose weight, increase your mental clarity, boost your immunity to fight viruses and bacteria, or help speed up your metabolism, Fountain of You MD can help. When you’re ready to improve your body composition, increase your quality of sleep, improve your skin elasticity and collagen production, and recover your libido, call Fountain of You MD to schedule your consultation! We can help you feel like you again!

Hair Restoration is Possible!

Hair loss, even thinning of the hair, can be devastating to your self-esteem and your psyche. Hair shedding is a natural process but losing excessive amounts of hair could be a sign that it’s time to visit an expert, like Dr. Jeff Arbuckle in Virginia Beach, in hair restoration. Fountain of You MD has helped thousands of men and women restore and regrow their hair. Restoring your hair can help boost your confidence and get you back to feeling like your best self.

There are several common types of hair loss, including pattern hair loss (which can be hereditary and affects about 50% of men and 25% of women in the United States), alopecia, and telogen effluvium. Diet and malnutrition, certain prescription medications, some supplements, hormone imbalance, pregnancy, trauma, autoimmune conditions, and stress can all play significant roles in your hair growth, hair loss and scalp damage. Scientists are studying possible links between hair loss and environmental factors.

People suffering from unwanted hair loss often purchase costly, sometimes unnatural-looking, wigs or hairpieces, attempting to hide or camouflage missing hair. Others choose to embrace their baldness and will confidently sport a shaved or bald head.

Treatments for the different kinds of hair loss have mixed reviews. There are surgeons who perform hair transplantations, but the procedure can be costly, can produce visible scarring, and can require several sessions. There are topical and oral medications, some of which are FDA approved, that can help with treating hair loss but may come with unwanted side effects like erectile dysfunction or decreased sex drive. Cortisone injections have been shown to help treat alopecia areata, but they need to be repeated on a monthly basis. Some practitioners studying alternative medicine recommend dietary supplements but there is very little evidence that supplements help treat hair loss.

Patient is having hair restoration treatmentHere, at Fountain of You MD in Virginia Beach, we’ve seen tremendous results with hair regrowth and hair restoration using platelet-rich plasma injection therapy. PRP injections for hair restoration is a revolutionary therapy that uses regenerative cells drawn from your own bloodstream to grow hair. PRP is packed with essential nutrients and growth factors with each treatment prolonging the growing phase and stimulating your body to heal, repair, and develop more blood vessels and new hair growth. PRP has been effective in hair regrowth in conditions of alopecia, telogen effluvium, and anagen effluvium.

This non-surgical hair restoration treatment requires no downtime. We usually recommend a series of three treatments every 4 weeks, then maintenance sessions every 4-6 months for optimum hair regrowth.

When you’re ready to restore and regrow your hair, the hair loss experts at Fountain of You MD in Virginia Beach are here to help! Our experienced clinical care team is ready to help bring your hair back to its glory. Call us now to start enjoying your hair again.

Rejuvenate Your Vaginal!

As we age, our bodies naturally undergo physical changes. We lose collagen, muscle tone, and elasticity, which can also result from childbirth, weight loss, or hormone imbalance. These changes can negatively affect your self-esteem and can cause a low sex drive, also called low libido or hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Sexual dysfunction can be a troublesome condition and affects about 1/3 of the female population in the United States.

Many women are embarrassed to talk about their sexual issues with their doctors, unaware that there are non-surgical, non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatments that can effectively treat your intimacy issues and help you increase your sexual satisfaction. If you are suffering from painful intercourse (dyspareunia), stress urinary incontinence (urine leakage), excessive or over-sized labia minora, pelvic floor problems, lack of sensation or blood flow, or a lack of lubrication, Fountain of You MD in Virginia Beach, VA can help! Our expert clinical care team has performed over 1,000 vaginal rejuvenation treatments, helping women across Hampton Roads renew and enrich their sex lives again!

Kaity Collins Master Aesthetician at Fountain Of You MDOur sexual health clinic in Virginia Beach, VA has had amazing results with clinically proven feminine wellness technologies like Votiva. Votiva is a cutting-edge non-surgical vaginal regeneration procedure that combines two radiofrequency devices (FormaV and FractoraV) that address internal and external vaginal health concerns, like looseness and laxity, wrinkled appearance, inability to reach orgasm, lack of clitoral sensitivity, urinary incontinence (leaky/overactive bladder), dryness, excessive labia minora, and discomfort during intercourse. Additionally, Votivacan helps increases the blood flow, which can alleviate pain and sensitivity due to labia hypertrophy by plumping the skin. FormaV is designed for internal tissue remodeling and reconstruction, to tighten muscles and tissues in the walls of the vagina and vaginal opening while increasing the blood flow and sensation. FractoraVuses fractional radiofrequency contraction to restore and improve the external genital area aesthetically to enhance your natural beauty.

Votiva is essentially non-surgical vaginoplasty and labiaplasty without the anesthesia, the high cost of treatment, the surgical scarring, or the anxiety that the procedure will fail. There is little to no pain or downtime following the Votiva procedure, most patients resume normal activity the very same day. Results are often noticed immediately and will continue to improve weeks after. For optimal results, we recommend three Votiva treatments spaced about one month apart. Maintenance sessions should be scheduled every 9-12 months or as needed. Although Kegel exercises may be performed in addition to Votiva treatments, many women don’t need to because of the way Votiva gently tightens the vaginal tissues.

Women experiencing vaginal discomfort, urinary incontinence, lack of sensation, pelvic floor issues or laxity deserve a more empowering and satisfying life. Fountain of You MD, your sexual health experts near you in Hampton Roads, can help you take control of your sexual and urinary health and regain your confidence! Call now to schedule your complimentary consultation for your Votiva vaginal rejuvenation treatment with one of our sexual health experts!

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