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Men Sexual Health Treatments

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Take Control of Your Sex Life

As we age, we sometimes encounter hiccups with sexual function. 

The key to enjoying intimacy again is by understanding the causes of your sexual inadequacy and seeking the right combination of treatments to help you improve your performance and get back to enjoying your sex life again!

Our comprehensive and innovative approach to improving your sexual health include treatments for erectile dysfunctionfemale low libido, and vaginal rejuvenation.

Our ED treatments have a 97% success rate, and we are committed to a cure for erectile dysfunction.

At Fountain of You MD, we care about your sexual health and recommend for you to seek assistance regarding your sexual dysfunction.

Many causes of erectile dysfunction and female low libido can be reversed naturally, with the right combination of treatments.

Men & Sexual Dysfunction

Did you know?

That many men over the age of 40 experience some sort of erectile dysfunction (31%).

Many forms of erectile dysfunction are caused by blocked blood vessels in the penile region.

We are committed to finding a cure for your erectile dysfunction, guaranteed.


If you’ve had trouble responding to oral medications for your ED, Trimex may be the right choice for you. This painless treatment helps to dilate the penile arteries and induce erection. This is the preferred method of ED treatment. Learn More »



Low-intensity shockwaves are used to promote appropriate blood flow to the penis. When paired with PRP injections, this completely painless treatment has promising results. Shockwave therapy is well-received by many patients. Learn More »



PRP injections can help rejuvenate penile tissue and stimulate the growth of blood vessels in the penile region. When paired with Acoustic Shockwave TherapyPRP injections prove to be an effective and pain-free treatment.  Learn More »



Men naturally begin to experience low levels of testosterone (Low T) with age. This hormone replacement treatment can be highly effective at correcting this hormonal imbalance and lead to increase sexual desire and performance. Learn More »

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