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Reducing unwanted weight gain

As we get older, life (and our metabolism) seems to slow down, with the body functioning less efficiently than it did in earlier years. This slow down often results in unwanted weight gain. A healthy weight is an important element of good health. Short-term dramatic weight loss is rarely healthy or sustainable over time. The truth is there is no “one size fits all” solution to permanent healthy weight loss.

At Fountain of You MD, we understand the frustration of trying traditional dieting programs. Often, many diet programs fail because they simply don’t help you lose weight the right way. We understand that weight loss is not just about seeing the pounds reduced. It is about also seeing the lean body mass changes, controlling appetite, increasing energy, improving physical ability and stamina, and keeping the weight off in a healthy way. Implementing these lifestyle plans can also greatly reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome – a specific group of risk factors that are known to enhance the likelihood of Coronary Artery Disease, stroke, and Type II Diabetes.

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With over 55 years of clinical experience, our expert patient care team is focused on providing you with guidance and support to achieve your wellness goals.

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Medical Weight loss program

Our innovative and unique medical weight loss program in Virginia Beach is specially formulated to help patients lose weight, feel more energized, and regain their sense of vitality. We use effective prescription weight loss medications in combination with human growth hormone releasing peptides. When used together, prescription medication and peptide therapies enhance and preserve muscle mass while speeding up metabolism, resulting in weight loss.

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