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With over 55 years of clinical experience, our expert patient care team, under supervision of Medical Director Jeffrey Arbuckle M.D., is focused on providing you with guidance and support to achieve your wellness goals—and you can start the process in 4 easy steps.

  1. Drop Us a Line and We’ll Get Back toYou—Use our website form, give us a call, or send us an email with your contact details. One of our experts will get back to you to clear any doubts you have and start the process.
  2. Seamlessly Getting Medical Exams Going—We’ll arrange for the necessary lab tests and exams to be done so that the Doctor can determine the most suitable TRT plan for you.
  3. Virtual or in-Person Appointment—Whether you prefer an in-person appointment or you choose a telemedicine meeting, the Dr. Arbuckle will see you, go over your test results and medical history, and determine the right TRT protocol for you.
  4. Free and Smooth Delivery—We’ll have the prescribed medication and necessary supplies quickly delivered to you, with no shipping costs, so that you can start your TRT treatment in a breeze, guided by our experts. Or if you prefer, our patient care team can administer your medication during a quick appointment in the office.
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With over 55 years of clinical experience, our expert patient care team is focused on providing you with guidance and support to achieve your wellness goals.

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HRT for Men

How Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Make Your Life Better

It happens to every man. Whatever you do, testosterone levels naturally begin to drop starting around age 25. Lifestyle factors, like chronic illness, alcohol use, stress, trauma, and obesity can also contribute to low testosterone levels.
The good news is that TRT treatments can help you increase testosterone and generally improve your performance and well-being in 4 essential ways.

  • Muscle Growth & Increased Strength—TRT increases muscle size and boosts your strength and overall endurance
  • Healthy Weight Loss—Testosterone replacement therapy will naturally reduce your weight and your body mass index, significantly improving your figure
  • Perform Better—By increasing your physical and intellectual endurance, TRT will give you an extremely significant energy kick that you’ll definitely feel and enjoy
  • Increased Mental Sharpness—TRT will have a very meaningful impact on your brain functions, keeping your mind sharper and reinvigorating your memory and focus
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Why Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy So Important?

Testosterone is the principle male sex hormone responsible for the development of sex organs and sexual characteristics, such as muscle growth, bone density, libido, and general well-being. Low testosterone levels start affecting every man who passes the 25-year-old mark, and its effects are generally accepted as expectable signs of aging—but which Testosterone Replacement Therapy can effectively stop and reverse.
Do you experience any of the following symptoms?


We’re happy to tell you that they’re not inevitable. They are the effect of hormone imbalances that TRT can successfully correct by increasing your testosterone levels and rebalancing your body and mind so that these symptoms are either dramatically reduced or entirely eliminated.

In other words, aging is inevitable—but low-testosterone-related aging symptoms can be medically treated so that you feel completely energized again!

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How our Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Virginia Beach Works

  • In our Virginia Beach hormone health clinic, low testosterone is diagnosed after a thorough examination with our licensed physician and hormone health expert, Dr. Jeffrey Arbuckle, and a quick blood test.
  • The results from the lab work will help us determine where your levels are and where they should be. Your personalized treatment recommendations will be dependent on your lab results, medical background, and goals.
  • We incorporate telemedicine and virtual appointments into our treatment options to offer you a smoother patient experience and to require in-person involvement only when it’s strictly necessary
  • We treat men with low testosterone with a comprehensive combination of lifestyle changes and high quality, time-released intramuscular injections of bioidentical hormones on a weekly or biweekly basis that are administered in office or conveniently shipped to your home—quickly and free of charge
  • We only use bioidentical hormone injections in our Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men because we never saw satisfactory results using transdermal (through the skin) therapy, which is not absorbed well in men, along with being outrageously expensive.
  • While other clinics often prescribe patches, pellets, or intranasal therapies—which can have irritating side effects and highly ineffective absorption—, we only use the safest, most comfortable, and most effective Bioidentical hormone injections in our Virginia Beach male health clinic.
  • Vast improvements are typically noted as soon as two months of continuous therapy (although results can vary)


If you’re in Hampton Roads and suffering from erectile dysfunction, lack of energy, feelings of anxiety or depression, low sex drive, lack of mental clarity, sleep problems, or weight gain, your testosterone levels may be unbalanced—and we have just the treatment to fix this.

  • Dr.Jeffrey Arbuckle has helped thousands of men and women regulate their hormones, and the positive impact on their lives and well-being have been impressive!

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