PRP for Erectile Dysfunction

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Innovative Treatment Strengthens Erections

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment for erectile dysfunction is a revolutionary new treatment that uses regenerative cells drawn from your own bloodstream to strengthen erections.

Treatments stimulate your body to heal, repair, and regrow various tissue. The penis is rejuvenated as more blood vessels and penile tissue develops as a result of the treatments.

If you are looking for an alternative treatment to erectile dysfunction medication, PRP injections may be the right choice for you!

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At Fountain of You MD, we recommend PRP Treatments for ED for those who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease or other scarring of the penile region.

Patients who have had success with Viagra and Cialis may no longer need those medications or will require a lower dose after PRP Treatments.

How It Works

Treatment consists of a series of painless injections to the penis to help stimulate the growth of blood vessels and penile tissue.

Patients get all the benefits of improved erectile function without the unwanted side effects or risk of drug interactions because the procedure uses the patient’s own blood that is refined using a highly advanced centrifuge to produce the Platelet Rich Plasma.

The process is well tolerated by patients, and many men have found that results last anywhere from 12 – 18 months after treatment.

PRP alone is often an effective therapy but can take time to regenerate and remodel the vasculature. The results, response time, and duration for any treatment can be highly variable. If PRP Therapy doesn’t help to cure your ED, we have several other options.

The Secret to Success



A numbing agent is applied to the penis before injection. Recovery time is minimal.



Most patients see results after the first injection. Some patients may require a second treatment after 4-5 months to achieve firmer erections.



Men suffering from Peyronie’s Disease (penile curvature) will require a series of 3 treatments, where they receive an injection once every 6-8 weeks.



To improve results, PRP treatments are often combined with Acoustic Shockwave Therapy.

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