The PRP shot is a relatively simple procedure to perform. One of the keys to getting the best result from your P-Shot is to use high-quality Platelet Rich Plasma. We use the highest quality double spin centrifuge machine and technique to extract the platelet-rich plasma, and ensure it offers a high yield of growth factors for the PRP shots.

PRP for Erectile Dysfunction and Male Enhancement
There is no charge whatsoever for the P-Shot consult. If the patient decides to move forward with the procedure, the shot is $1,800.

The PRP Shot takes roughly 45 minutes to perform. This includes preparation of the PRP growth factors and injection.

There is no set time period for the P-Shot to last. As with the normal aging process, things will decline slowly. PRP introduces targeted growth factors to areas of the body where healing is needed.

The procedure consists of 5 basic injections into the penis at the time of the procedure. The P-Shot is relatively new, know one can say for certain how long it will last. However, the P-Shot is a more longer-term solution than medications.

Yes. There are no drugs of medications used in the procedure (except numbing cream). The procedure is based on platelet-rich plasma (PrP), used extensively around the world and shown to be very safe.
The Improved PRP Shot with hGH Therapy combines the growth factors from Platelet-rich Plasma with 1 or 2 months of human growth hormone replacement therapy (Sermorelin). The Improved PRP Shot Procedure with hGH encourages better results by eliminating all and any deficiencies in human growth hormone levels.