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Medical Director

Dr. Arbuckle is a graduate of JMU, Georgetown,  and Medical College of Virginia. He completed his residency training at St. Francis Hospital in 1992. He has been board certified in family practice since 1992 and has been a solo practitioner for the past 25 years and a medical director for over 22 years. He founded Fountain of You MD and serves as a clinician as well as Medical Director.

Dr. Arbuckle believes in combining the science and art of aesthetics, anti-aging, and hormonal therapy. He regularly attends conferences worldwide to learn the latest in anti-aging, hormonal therapies, and cosmetic medicine. He is an advocate for safe, cutting-edge technologies and therapies such as radio frequency, platelet-rich plasma, peptide therapy, and hormonal replacement. He is loved by his patients due to his medical skills as well as his warm personality. His gentle manner and friendly demeanor endears everyone to him, and you will feel immediately comfortable and relaxed in his presence. He recognizes the low libido and sexual dysfunction epidemic and its multiple etiologies. He is passionate in his belief that lifestyle changes can augment treatment for hormonal deficiencies as well as aesthetics. He believes in empowering his patients to identify and treat their risk factors.

He has treated thousands of patients suffering from obesity, low libido, glandular failure, and sexual dysfunction. He is an expert in total hormone replacement therapy. He appreciates the intricacies of hormonal management and its role in weight control management. He is also an expert in sexual enhancement therapies. He believes hormonal replacement, peptide therapy, and growth hormone secretagogues are the waves of the future in defying the aging process. He passionately believes that patients can augment their therapy with lifestyle changes and simple paradigms.

He is an advocate for his patients and appreciates the complexity of the human condition and the process of aging.  He believes in a holistic and integrative approach to managing patients and their families. His warm bedside manner and his intuitive approach have helped empower his patients to better manage their healthcare. He is the proud father of 4, eats a plant-based diet, and is an avid practitioner of yoga, pilates, spin, and an organic lifestyle.

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Chief Executive Officer

Jessica Mills is a graduate of both Norfolk Collegiate School and Virginia Tech University. She earned her degree in Clothing and Textiles, with a double major in Merchandising and Design.  With her education, she began her decade-long career in retail merchandising and business development. She has been a financial planner for worldwide organizations, as well as being an integral part in opening 5 diverse businesses, ranging from retail startups to medical practices.   

Jessica is a certified Les Mills Body Pump instructor and is a firm believer in the correlation between fitness and improved mental health.  Her drive to become an instructor was founded in helping others learn to utilize their own mind-body connection to live a better life. She believes in empowering others to improve themselves in all facets of life.  As the CEO and co-founder of Fountain of You MD, she is incredibly proud of the business and its goal of helping others to find their best selves.

Jessica has been a resident of the Hampton Roads area all her life.  She enjoys bike riding, music of all kinds, live comedy and of course, shopping.

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LPN & Lead Nurse

Melvin Jerome Stewart Jr is an 8 year veteran of the armed services, licensed practical nurse, and combat veteran. Mel is also a certified Radiology Technician. He trained at the naval trauma training center under Captain Rhee.

He believes that in healthcare, there is a delicate balance of quality and skill to make you a successful healthcare provider.  For the past 3 years, Mel has worked exclusively with patients who suffer hormone deficiencies. He is an advocate for patients health and lifestyle. He is best known for his disarming manner, compassion, clinical skill set and empathy. His bedside manner and intuitive nature are often noted by patients, staff, and all that interact with him. His clinical skills, caring manner, and thirst for knowledge are unsurpassed.

Mel is also an artist with some of his works are displayed in the practice. His artistic eye and superior skill set, make him an ideal caregiver for aesthetics and cosmetic procedures. He also “walks the walk” and exercises daily. He is the proud father of 3 children. He eats a healthy diet and is a “deep thinker”, always trying to evolve and improve himself. He aspires to become a nurse practitioner in the near future.

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Master Aesthetician & Medical Assistant

Kaity Collins is a master aesthetician and certified Medical Assistant. Becoming a Master Aesthetician was a natural career choice for her. After graduating from Wellington High School, she signed with Wilhelmina modeling agency and quickly learned that the secret to maintaining beauty starts with the skin. Her drive for knowledge later turned into a passion for making other women feel beautiful in their own skin. She graduated from the Chrysm Institute of Esthetics where she received her master’s degree.

Kaity’s bedside manner and empathy for her clients is always evolving with excellent intuition. Patients have often commented that she is “so easy to talk to”. She is an advocate for her clients and their specific goals and individual needs. She is a student of the human condition and has an amazing ability to bond with her patient’s. Her thirst for knowledge and a willingness to practice what she preaches has endeared her to all of her clients.

Kaity is an expert at skin care and beauty, and her background as a model has made her appreciate the importance of maintaining a youthful appearance. She prides herself on being honest, positive, and kind to her clients, ensuring their specific aesthetic needs have been met. Her free time is spent with her daughter Mabel, her family, and best friends. She enjoys long walks to Sephora, carbohydrates, and any and all animals.