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Kirstie Robinson, RN – Aesthetic Nurse Injector

Kirstie Robinson is a military spouse and mom, originally from Texas. She has spent her entire nursing career in the Critical Care setting, ranging from Cardiac Surgery to Trauma. Kirstie has worked as a travel nurse in many ICUs across 4+ States. With a master’s degree in Nursing Education, she has taught nursing students in the academia setting at a local community college. Kirstie came to Fountain of You MD in the summer of 2020 and has started taking care of weight loss/hormone replacement patients as well as aesthetic injecting, which she has become extremely passionate about.

Kirstie’s background in Critical Care required the ability to detect complications early on, which is pivotal to patient safety and positive outcomes in all areas of nursing. This is something that she carries over into the aesthetic world and continues to remain educated on the topic. She will be returning to school this fall to finish her last year of Nurse Practitioner school. In her free time, Kirstie enjoys doing anything outdoors with her family as well as Olympic Weightlifting.

Kirstie works directly under the supervision of Dr. Arbuckle and is currently accepting new patients.

Molly Knight, Master Aesthetician

Molly became an esthetician because she struggled with cystic acne and wanted clearskin.Acne caused Molly to feel uncomfortable and insecure, and she wanted to help others with their skin.

Molly is married and actually met her husband at a car wash. She has 13 chickens that lay colorful eggs, and two dogs. Molly is born and raised in the beach and comes from a close family.

Molly joined Fountain of You MD in January 2020. Her favorite treatments include Morpheus8, Votiva vaginal rejuvenation, and chemical peels. Molly works directly under the supervision of Dr. Arbuckle and is currently accepting new patients.

Melvin Stewart, LPN

Melvin Stewart has been the Lead Nurse at Fountain of You MD since November 2018.

An 8-year combat veteran, Mel is a Licensed Practical Nurse and a certified Radiology Technician. He began his medical career as a corpsman while enrolled in the United States Navy. He successfully completed the Navy Trauma Training Center program at USC, training directly with Captain Peter Rhee. This exposure to clinical trauma greatly influenced his passion for balancing the delicacy of quality and skill necessary in nursing.

Mel is best known for his disarming manner and easily connects with patients and staff. His empathetic bedside manner, exceptional clinical skill set, and intuitive nature make him an ideal caregiver. Mel is constantly seeking to empower our patients to understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Mel lives in Norfolk with his wife and children. He is fascinated by the love for fellow man and loves fast cars.

Melvin Stewart at Fountain of You MD

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