Melvin Stewart, LPN

Hormone & Anti-Aging Innovation

Caring about your overall well-being

Melvin Jerome Stewart, Jr. is an 8-year veteran of the armed services, a Licensed Practical Nurse, and a combat veteran.


“Mel” is also a certified Radiology Technician. He trained at the Naval Trauma Training Center under Captain Rhee and believes that in healthcare, there is a delicate balance of quality and skill to make you a successful healthcare provider.
Mel aspires to become a nurse practitioner in the near future.


He is best known for his disarming manner, compassion, clinical skill set and empathy. His bedside manner and intuitive nature are often noted by patients, staff, and all who interact with him. His clinical skills, caring manner, and thirst for knowledge are unsurpassed. His artistic eye and superior skill set make him an ideal caregiver for aesthetics and cosmetic procedures.


Mel is also an artist with some of his works are displayed in the practice. 


Mel “walks the walk” and exercises daily, eats a healthy diet, and is a “deep thinker” – always trying to evolve and improve himself and empowers his patients to understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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