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Are you struggling with weight loss and on the verge of giving up because of not getting the desired results? Worry no more because our medical experts at Fountain of You MD specialize in giving patients access to the best weight loss remedies.

Our goal is to equip you with an unmatched experience of the latest weight loss treatments like Tirzepatide in Virginia Beach, which can immensely assist you in beating your struggle with weight loss.

What Is Mounjaro Treatment?

Mounjaro is among the latest weight loss remedies that help patients quickly lose weight without undergoing invasive treatment. It also assists patients in maintaining their weight and not running the risk of regaining their lost weight. Mounjaro is a weekly injection administered to patients to help control blood sugar levels in the body.

This medication is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for patients suffering from obesity by using tirzepatide to lower A1C hemoglobin levels. Mounjaro becomes more effective when used together with other effective weight loss solutions such as workouts, diets, and exercising better sleeping habits.

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How does Mounjaro Work?

Mounjaro is designed to help patients with type 2 diabetes that have difficulties losing weight. It contains ingredients such as Glucagon-like peptide-1(GLP-1) and GIP receptors, improving the body’s sugar level control efficiency.

It assists in weight loss by reducing the amount of food intake and lowering the rates of gastric emptying. By triggering this type of hormonal reaction, patients become less hungry for extended periods, reducing the amount of food they eat.

Mounjaro Treatment Procedure

During the start of the Mounjaro in Virginia Beach procedure, our health specialist will inject you with 2.5mg of the medications once every week. The initial dosage is intended to enable your body to adapt to the new hormone levels. After four weeks of continuous treatment, our medics will increase the dosage from 5 to a 15 mg subcutaneous injection.

Because of the varying needs of our patients, healthcare professionals will monitor the doses to ensure that you get your desired results.

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How to know if you are a Candidate for Mounjaro Treatment

Do you suffer from health conditions that arise due to weight-related issues? If so, this may be the best medication to help you lose weight while having a good diet and regular exercise.

This medication is also recommended for adults suffering from health conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes with a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30.

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