HCG Diet

HCG is a naturally occurring hormone that works by reducing your appetite, maintaining normal energy levels, and easing the normal symptoms of eating a low-calorie diet such as headaches and mood swings. The hormone does this by allowing your body to more efficiently process the fat stores already in your body. Taken in proper dosages this hormone will make not only weight loss easy, but fat loss as well! AND…you’ll keep it off.

The most effective HCG protocols, are multi-phase protocols, starting with an optional cleanse, a mandatory loading phase one, phase 2 the longest phase and most important, phase 3 and 4 in which you taper off the hormone and re-acclimatize your body to a less restrictive higher calorie diet. Successful use of this particular protocol not only aids in weight loss and fat loss, but it also alters your metabolism in such a way as to maintain the weight loss long term.

Injections are the most effective way for the human body to absorb HCG for weight loss.. The hormone comes in multiple forms, and it is important to ensure that you are buying the proper product for your needs. When starting on the HCG injection protocol, it’s really important to ensure that you are purchasing a dry product, the medical supplies needed to properly reconstitute the liquid hormone and that you are getting an authentic real HCG and not a homeopathic substitute.

Along with the use of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, you’ll also need to maintain a very low-calorie diet of 500 calories or less. By eliminating fat entirely from your diet you’ll find that you experience the most weight loss success. This will force your body to absorb, break down, and use the fat that is already in your body, no matter which method you use. With the right combination of foods and meals, it is possible to lose 1 – 2 pounds a day by following a very simple food plan, and supplementing with HCG.