ED Treatment Guarantee

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We are 
committed to finding a cure

At Fountain of You MD, we are committed to finding a cure for your erectile dysfunction.

We offer multiple modalities and effective treatments and are extremely confident that we will find an effective therapy for you.

Guaranteed Results

We are so confident that we will find an effective cure for your erectile dysfunction, that we offer a money back guarantee.

If you will agree to try any or all of our options, and we cannot find a solution, we will gladly refund the cost of treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction affects a large number of men.

Many men start to experience ED at the age of 40 or older and are too embarrassed to seek treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Fountain of You MD offers advanced treatments that can help you enjoy your sex life again!

Trimex for ED

The most effective and highly specialized ED treatment. Trimex is suitable for men suffering from ED, regardless of medical condition and is the most well-received form of ED therapy. Results occur within minutes and are long-lasting. Painless procedure.

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Acoustic Shockwave  / PRP

Acoustic Shockwave Therapy for ED is sound wave therapy that helps clear the blood vessels in the penis inhibiting erection. Paired with PRP Treatments, many men see long-lasting results. Painless procedure with promising results.

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Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Therapy is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) that aims to restore testosterone imbalance. This imbalance is thought to cause decreased sex drive, ED, and a host of other health issues. The most common treatment for ED.

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