Jeffrey Arbuckle, MD

Hormone & Anti-Aging Innovation

Get To Know Jeff​

Dr. Jeffrey Arbuckle, MD founded Fountain of You MD and serves as a clinician as well as the Medical Director.

Expertise & Studies

A graduate of JMU, Georgetown, and Medical College of Virginia, Dr. Arbuckle completed his residency training at St. Francis Hospital in 1992 and has been board certified in Family Practice. He has been a solo practitioner for the past 25 years as well as a Medical Director for over 22 years.

Patient Advocacy

He is loved by his patients due to his expertise and warm personality. His gentle manner and friendly demeanor endears everyone to him, and you will feel immediately comfortable and relaxed in his presence. Dr. Arbuckle believes in empowering his patients to identify and treat their risk factors and has treated thousands of patients.

He has been a part of the team here since its inception in November 2018.

  • His favorite service we provide is testosterone therapy and erectile dysfunction treatment because that’s what  he is so good at. Extremely rewarding and he’s a patient too!
  • When he wakes up in the morning, his first thought is “yay! A new day!”
  • His favorite things to do are work out, yoga, and any activity at the beach.
  • The accomplishment he is most proud of is starting a new business at age 57 which is the most fun he has ever had! He loves to make a difference in his patients lives, the results of these life-changing therapies are phenomenal.
  • His top 3 items on his bucket list are to travel to Hawaii, Italy and Vietnam. He has already been to Thailand and Cambodia.
  • His guilty pleasures are getting massages as often as possible and love!
  • His favorite movies are Westerns and anything by Quentin Tarantino, specifically Silverado, The Hateful 8,  and Django Unchained. 
  • He is fascinated by people. He’s a student of the human condition.
  • What he loves most about what he does at Fountain of You MD is taking care of people. He cares and they know it.
Dr. Jeff Arbuckle
Dr. Jeff Arbuckle

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