Why should I come to Fountain of You MD and not my primary care doctor or other competing clinics?

We have managed thousands of patients and recognize that managing the aging process and hormonal balance for maximal benefit is a fine art. Our physicians are constantly learning and evolving their strategies to effectively manage your deficiency. We train with some of the best educators and instructors in the country and offer the latest cutting-edge therapies. We realize innovation in medicine is often 30 years ahead of the curve.

We provide effective strategies to augment your therapy.

At Fountain of You MD, we believe lifestyle and behavioral change are an integral part of your management. We take a comprehensive approach to managing your care and starting you on a path to a better you. We have strategies to cope with almost any contingency. We will provide you with a customized plan for optimal results.


We pay very close attention to your hormone levels, anti-aging response and cosmetic therapies and consider it an integral part of your management. Many physicians do not appreciate this aspect of your care. At Fountain of You MD, we manage your dosing based on clinical response. Many doctors measure a level and say “you are good”. The problem is you may still have only partial or no symptom relief. We believe your clinical response is the most important factor in managing your care.


Our pricing is transparent. Please compare our prices to other clinics.

We do not believe if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.” We strive to make our prices affordable while providing the best quality of care. We offer loyalty discounts, discounts to those who protect and serve our country and reward people who refer other patients and prepay in advance to help us cut costs. We strive to make our therapies affordable to all income levels and not just the “elite few” who can afford it.


Our education is comprehensive.

We strongly believe education is empowering. Our best patients are the ones who understand their condition and treatment options.  We go to great lengths to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage your care effectively and efficiently. Our physicians explain in detail the entire process and give multiple suggestions to enhance your experience. We believe if you understand why we are doing what we do, you will augment your therapy. The best consumer is an educated one.


Unlike other clinics, we use one of the largest labs in the nation. Our lab studies are independently run and the lab we use employs conservative methodology to calculate your true deficiency. There is, unfortunately, no standardization for values for some tests and many labs use different methodology. The results can vary dramatically.  Some clinics take a blood sample at your visit and run your sample at the office while you wait. The most often used machines in clinics use a different methodology. The result is a value that can vary dramatically. It is not a statistically incorrect value, but typically the value is 30-40% lower than the hospital lab or independent lab value. We do not employ these methods and do not believe they are accurate or reflect your true level.


At Fountain of You MD, we pride ourselves on our efficient and easy to follow process. We use one of the most reliable and convenient labs in the area with multiple sites throughout the area. Our clinic is centrally located and easy to access.

We offer comprehensive teaching for home self-injectors to help you manage your time efficiently.


We will employ the latest and most popular cutting-edge technologies and therapies in treating sexual dysfunction, anti-aging, and aesthetics. Our practitioners are certified in the leading “ new age “ technologies including PRP stem cell therapy, Dermal Fillers, botulinum toxin therapy, microneedling, acoustic sound wave therapy for ED and Sermorelin growth hormone induction. We employ the latest technologies and therapies not widely available, and under a board certified physicians guidance. “Innovators are often 30 years ahead of the curve”.


We will always respond to any inquiry within 48 hours.  We will also get you an appointment within the week for any matter that concerns you. Our office charge is minimal and we are always glad to address any concerns in a timely manner. We also like to follow up and modify your therapy and “tweak things” for the best possible results.