Sex is Healthy


Sex is Healthy

Are you having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t have enough energy to get out of bed? Are you cranky or irritable for no obvious reason? Do you want to feel better mentally and physically? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should probably schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Arbuckle, the hormone replacement expert at Fountain of You MD in Virginia Beach. But, before you schedule your visit, maybe all you need is to have more sexual relations instead!

Researchers have studied the human endocrine system for centuries. It’s been proven that numerous hormones are released during intimacy. These releases make you feel good but also benefit your overall health.

Testosterone, Oxytocin, Estrogen and endorphins are all released by your glands while you’re enjoying having sex. An orgasm sends these hormones straight to your bloodstream, helping you feel as much pleasure as possible. Reaching an orgasm might not be as satisfying if our endocrine system didn’t produce hormones.

Low Libido = Health Problems?

Your hormones, especially Testosterone, have very strong influences on your desire to have sex. As you get older, your body naturally produces less hormones. Unfortunately for women, the decline in hormone production is more drastic than for men. Men lose about 1% of Testosterone yearly starting around age 30. By the time a woman reaches menopause, their levels are at HALF of their peak! Testosterone plays a key role in the desire to have sex, maintain bone and muscle mass, and contribute to overall health and wellness. Low levels of Testosterone can leave you feeling tired with hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue and anxiety.

Some psychological conditions can affect your desire to have sex. But your sex life can be reignited after starting bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

You’re suffering from low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, lack of energy, feelings of anxiety and depression, low sex drive, lack of mental clarity, sleep problems, or weight gain, your Testosterone levels may be unbalanced, and we can help. Replenishing hormone levels is vital to optimize the aging process and restore energy and vigor. Our core belief is that hormone replacement improves health, energy levels, and the general sense of well-being. We understand that by effecting positive changes in body composition, by increasing muscle mass and strength while decreasing fat mass, the quality of life will improve and lead to better overall health. Fountain of You MD in Virginia Beach offers a wide range of effective therapies that can help restore your sexual desires. Call us to schedule your consultation now!

Is an over-the-counter hormone test accurate?

In this day and age, medical advice is readily available from a multitude of sources: the internet, our friends and family, drugstores, health stores, and of course, licensed healthcare professionals. We’re all looking for ways to look and feel our best while maintaining our health and immunity.

On a recent shopping trip to Target, we noticed a series of at-home lab tests by the brand EverlyWell. There were tests for Testosterone for men, hormone health for women, food sensitivity, and allergens to name a few. Our Medical Director at Fountain of You MD in Virginia Beach, Dr. Jeffrey Arbuckle, was immediately intrigued by the idea of being able to check hormone levels without a blood test. As a licensed and practicing board-certified physician for over 25 years, he is extremely well-versed in treating and testing hormonal imbalance in men and women. Aside from physical and mental symptoms, like low energy, difficulty with erections, and trouble sleeping, low Testosterone is most accurately diagnosed by a blood test. Dr. Arbuckle has ordered thousands of lab tests, all of which were completed and analyzed in CLIA-certified laboratories. The external packaging of the EverlyWell kit failed to mention a blood sample, which piqued Doc’s interest even more.

Everywell kit

The kit came with thorough instructions on submitting the sample and retrieving the results. They claimed accurate results based on a small saliva sample. Our brave physician decided to become the patient and proceeded to take the test. To make things more interesting, Dr. Arbuckle had blood drawn by our nursing staff. We then sent both samples for testing: his blood sample to LabCorp and the EverlyWell kit to their lab.

How Everywell Kit works


The results from the blood test came back within 12 hours and showed his Testosterone levels within the normal range for a man his age at 824ng/dL. The results from the EverlyWell kit were received 8 days later and showed a “high” result of 352pg/mL. The difference in the levels, tested on the same day, at the same time, is astounding!

The world of medicine is constantly evolving. We’re learning more and more about the human body and how to keep ourselves feeling our best. While an over-the-counter test that measures hormone, levels sounds convenient and enticing, it’s best to be treated by a licensed medical professional. Here, at Fountain of You MD in Virginia Beach, Dr. Arbuckle is an expert at managing hormones in men and women across Hampton Roads. He is passionate about helping people look and feel their best at every stage of life. If you’re suffering from weight gain, low sex drive, unexplained hair loss, increased body fat, or loss of strength, you may have unbalanced hormones. The aging process and the inevitable hormonal changes can affect your overall sense of well-being. Now is the time to schedule your consultation! Call us now!

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